Modem was the computer expert who works behind the scenes for Sergeant Rock's Suicide Squad.


Suicide Squad

Sergeant Rock and Bulldozer go about recruiting new members for the Suicide Squad, including Havana and Modem. As the rookies, they were learning from the minds of World War II veterans and the ways of the squad. As they watch the other members do their mission, Modem stays behind so that the Suicide Squad go on a mission to an island that is inhabited by evolved, mutated, dangerous ants. The team accomplishes their mission of killing the ant queen but only one member of the Squad survives.

Sergeant Rock reminisces with Modem about a suicide mission he went in to kill the Iron Major, a Nazi foe. Modem sees that Rock struggled through a massive war and now is head of his own international squad against evil. Still learning from the masters, a super-powered society appears mysteriously on an island in the Pacific and all that they desire is peace at the cost of the world's freedom. A new Squad is assembled to take this power-mad society out.

The Squad struggles to infiltrate a mysterious city that has risen on the near-forgotten island of Kooey Kooey Kooey, a civilization that has a signed agreement claiming ownership of Earth.

It's high noon in Washington, D.C., as Havana and the Wall go toe-to-toe. It's a battle of wits, and wait until you see who's got more ammunition. Havana uses all of her training to versus the corrupt head of the Squad herself, Amanda Waller.

However, no one really wins as they both don't want the squad to be out of members. Later, the Suicide Squad faces their old time rival, with its newest members. The Jihad is back with a vengeance against the squad. Sadly, the squad lost Modem due to the attack.

Powers and abilities

  • Computing Expertise
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