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The Monarch Theatre is an abandoned movie theatre/cinema located in Gotham City's Park Row district. The theatre was visited by the Wayne family prior to Thomas and Martha Wayne's murder. The theatre has often served as a hideout for some of Batman's theatrical enemies, including the Joker.


The Monarch Theatre was frequently mentioned in recollection of Batman's origin. However, the business itself did not appear until Batman #404, where it was briefly seen in a flashback. In most depictions of the night, Thomas and Martha Wayne took Bruce to see The Mark of Zorro. Some time after leaving the showing, their return was interrupted by Joe Chill, resulting in their deaths.

In the present, the Monarch Theatre is often depicted as disused or abandoned, due to either economic decline in Gotham and its connection to the Waynes' murders. In some stories, Batman's enemies have used the Theatre as a lair. After discovering Batman's identity, the Joker has often used the Theatre in schemes to psychologically torment the Dark Knight.

In Other Media


Batman (1989 film)

The Monarch Theatre features prominently in the 1989 film Batman. It is depicted as part of Gotham Square, sitting opposite City Hall and the Flugelheim Museum. The theatre also appears in flashbacks for the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, though they'd seen Footlight Frenzy at it as opposed to The Mark of Zorro.

Batman Begins

In the film, the Waynes visit an unnamed opera house to see Mefistofele. The performance scares Bruce due to the performers' bat costumes and his recent experience after falling down a disused well. Thomas to take the family out to allow him to recover, leading to his and Martha's murder at Joe Chill's hand.


Justice League Unlimited

The Monarch Theatre appears briefly in the episode "For the Man Who Has Everything". It is shown in the background in Batman's dream induced by Black Mercy.

Video Games

LEGO Video Games

Lego monarch

The Monarch Theatre in LEGO Batman: The Videogame

The Monarch Theatre appears during the LEGO Batman: The Videogame level "Two-Face Chase". Its appearance matches its depiction in Batman. The Theatre also appears in LEGO DC Super-Villains, which shows it has been converted into a playhouse. In the game, the player can visit the interior and help prepare a show based on the Waynes' murders.

Batman: Arkham series

The Monarch Theatre appears in the games following Batman: Arkham City. In the game, it is depicted as part of the Park Row district and, later, Arkham City. Crime Alley is also located behind the Theatre, with chalk etching of the Wayne's bodies also present. Ra's al Ghul's lair in Wonder City is also located beneath it, with a Lazarus Pit being found directly below the theatre. The Theatre's interior also features as a DLC Challenge Map in Batman: Arkham Knight.

The Monarch Theatre plays its most important role in the climax of Arkham City. Holding Talia al Ghul hostage, Joker lures Batman to the Theatre to retrieve the Titan Cure. The beginning of Batman's fight with Clayface takes place in the main showing room, which is destroyed by Joker to access the Lazarus Pit. After Joker's death, Batman takes his body out through the Theatre's entrance to show his forces and the rest of Arkham City.

Batman: The Telltale Series

The Monarch Theatre features prominently in the second episode "Children of Arkham". Having been converted into an auditorium, it serves as the location for the debate between Hamilton Hill and Harvey Dent. The event attacked by Penguin and the Children of Arkham, forcing Batman and Catwoman to infiltrate the Theatre and confront the group.


  • Prior to the 1989 Batman film, the movie theatre/cinema visited by the Waynes had always remained unnamed. However, the "Monarch" name was quickly adapted into the comics after its usage in the film.
  • The Monarch Theatre shares its name with several other businesses in Gotham City, including the Monarch Playing Card Company.
  • Depending on the story, the Monarch Theatre's relationship with Crime Alley has changed. In some, it is opposite the infamous location. In others, it is part of the alleyway or at least has an entryway next to it.