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"Say it. "Damn all of them. There's only me." Say it. Say it! Because the city was built on divisions. Dead flower dolls. Gotham isn't a garden! It never was! It's a wild, bloody meadow! So stop wasting your lives! Don't take the pennies! Come to the land of giants! Go get what's yours get it! And let what's here die as it should, and grow something wonderful in it's place! "
―Mr. Bloom

Mister Bloom was a Batman villain introduced as the nemesis of Jim Gordon's incarnation of Batman following Bruce Wayne's supposed death. Mister Bloom is a twisted meta-human who sells black-market, "Seeds" which can grant superpowers with the mission of destroying Gotham so it can be rebuilt from the ashes as a less corrupt society.



Technically the the original Mister Bloom was a scientist with good-intentions named Daryl Gutierrez who after the events of Gotham's Zero Year began work on a breed of high-tech nanotech reactors he called "seeds" which gave their users randomized superpowers in hopes of making more superheroes like Batman. Daryl gave up the alias of Bloom after his cousin Pete Duggio used a seed to turn into a winged vigilante, only to be gunned down by a scared police-officer.

The main Mister Bloom was a medical-patient of unknown identity who was used by Daryl's company Powers International as a human test-subject for the Seeds. The seeds resulted in the patient developing the ability to grow and contort his body to inhuman proportions, and even grow root-like tentacles. After the experiment, the patient used his newfound powers to escape and steal Gutierrez's seeds for his own use.


Taking up shop in Gotham after the original Batman Bruce Wayne who had died in the caves underneath Gotham fighting the Joker. Bloom was a power-broker who dealt his seeds to criminals which when implanted into their bodies caused the user to receive super-human powers at the expense of the seeds killing the host not long after. Bloom was similar to a weed, he fed off of Gotham's citizens's contempt and disdain for their meek way of life in a broken system, selling them superpowers in order to make them realize their darker sides.

After giving superpowers to criminals like Precious Precious and Qi Tsu, Bloom came into conflict with the Penguin who attempted to kill Bloom before he could become to powerful only for Bloom to survive getting shot in the head and murder all of Penguin's men as well as impaling Penguin on his elongated claw, not killing him however. Bloom later attacked a public-announcement at Powers International where he was confronted with Jim Gordon's Batman. Bloom had a particular hatred for the police-operated Batman, seeing him as a bastardization of the Batman moniker who served and enforced Gotham's corrupt status-quo which the original Batman fought against.

Following this incident, Bloom was able to spread his seeds throughout the Gotham populace, hiding them throughout the city, . This caused a riot of maddened meta-humans throughout Gotham, many of whom resembled Bloom himself. During this riot, Bloom was able to grow to massive-size with black, "Roots" growing from his body. Bloom's plan was to take over Gotham as a meta-human, "Garden" and create a new version of the city which could be rebuilt for the people from the ground-up.

In this form, Bloom was able to overpower and nearly kill Jim Gordon's Batman. However, Bloom himself would be challenged by the resurfaced original Batman who confronted the meta-human in a giant mecha-suit. After a fight, this Batman defeated Bloom by beating him to the ground where a building fell atop him while he tried to reason with Batman.

Task Force Z[]

After his defeat at the hands of Batman, Bloom found his way working for the U.S. Government's, "Task Force Z". This initiative was made up of undead super-criminals offered redemption similarly to Task Force X, though Bloom claimed to not actually be deceased and simply wanting to reintegrate into society. On this team, Bloom worked under Red Hood.

Alternate Versions[]

Batman: Last Knight on Earth[]

Mister Bloom appears in this story as one of the predominate villains being controlled by the villainous Omega in his reign of Gotham City.

Powers & Abilities[]

  • Technological genius
  • Metamorphosis
    • Claws:
    • Superhuman Agility and Contortion
    • Superhuman Strength
    • Elasticity: Bloom can extend and retract his body parts to incredible lengths.
    • Size Alteration: Mister Bloom is able to grow to gigantic size, becoming taller than entire buildings.
    • Superhuman Durability: Mister Bloom can endure extreme levels of physical harm, he survived being smashed through buildings, point blank explosions and high-caliber explosive bullets.
    • Mechanokinesis: Mister Bloom can take control of armored suits using his body appendages.
    • Pyrokinesis: Mister Bloom can project flames hot enough to melt one of Batman's armored suits.
    • Cryokinesis: Mister Bloom displayed the ability to project ice from his hands.


  • "Seeds": Miniature generators which are capable of being used as implants to bestow their hosts with metahuman abilities.


  • Mister Bloom was created to be a form of, "Anti-Joker" made to best foil Jim Gordon. The reasoning behind this being that while Joker's identity is left unrevealed as no backstory would be grand enough to fit him, while part of Bloom's appeal was that he could come from anywhere.