"This place is about to get cold!"
―Mr. Freeze[src]
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Mr. Freeze was an enemy of Batman.


Dr. Shivel (first name unknown) was a criminal scientist who during a fight with Batman was exposed to a solution of instant freeze, which turned him in to the diabolical Mr. Freeze. Now unable to live in an environment warmer then fifty-degrees below zero without the aid of a refrigerated suit, he sought revenge on Batman for his condition. In keeping with his new theme, Mr. Freeze began stealing finest diamonds, "ice" to him, in the city. After two clashes with Batman and Robin he successfully used his Freeze Gun to freeze them solid. It was only quick emergency care that saved the pair.

After this attempt failed, he had a baseball pitcher, Paul Diamanti, kidnapped so he would have a valuable "diamond" to trade for Batman. While Batman cooperated, he didn't count on Robin following him to Freeze's hideout. After a quiet dinner, Freeze decided to slowly Freeze them, starting with Batman. Batman quickly stopped him however, thank to a special thermal layering under his suit. After a quick battle with Freeze's henchmen, Batman sent them and Freeze to prison so they could cool off.

Known Associates

Just as Batman and Robin do not go at crime-fighting alone, Mr. Freeze needs fellow partners in crime to assist him with his malicious schemes.

  • Chill (portrayed by Troy Melton) - Mr. Freeze's henchman.
  • Nippy (portrayed by Guy Way) - Mr. Freeze's henchman.

Behind the scenes

George Sanders was briefly married to another actor who portrayed a 1960's Batman foe, Zsa Zsa Gabor, who played the villainess Minerva.



  • Unlike most villains of the 1960's series, this Freeze didn't bother with a standard death trap, but instead basically "just shot them" with his Freezing Gun. He admits he did want to toy with them longer, but was willing to finish them off if they forced him.
  • Many years later the name of Dr Shivel would be changed to Dr. Victor Fries.


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