A man that was member of the Napier Hoods and served under Jack Napier during the raid at Axis Chemicals.


That man joined Napier on a mission to retrieve incriminating documents from Crimelord Carl Grissom's business front, Axis Chemicals.

After the GCPD arrived to apprehend Napier, he returned gunfire with them. He was with a hood in a khaki trenchcoat who shot at the police and laughed as one of them shot the pipes that spewed liquid at them. He fled as Batman dropped in front of them.

Attempting to escape the police, he made his way through an aisle and was suddenly struck in the face by a back-handed, punch from Batman. He staggered, and then fell to the floor unconscious. This man was likely incarcerated by the GCPD.


Behind the Scenes

  • He didn't have any spoken lines.


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