"Let me down!"
―Napier Hood with Khaki Trenchcoat[src]

This man was a member of the Napier Hoods and served under Jack Napier during the raid at Axis Chemicals.


Mob MeetingEdit

Batman 1989 - Napier Hood with Yellow Trenchcoat 4

The Napier Hood as he left Carl Grissom's Office at the end of the meeting.

That man was present during the meeting that was organized by Crimelord Carl Grissom, after the declaration of war on crime that was launched by the new District Attorney, Harvey Dent.

Axis ShootoutEdit

He joined Napier on a mission to retrieve incriminating documents from Grissom's business front, Axis Chemicals. After the GCPD arrived to apprehend Napier, he returned gunfire with them. Along with a gunman with a beard, he soon came face-to-face with Batman, who fired his speargun attachment at the man's coat, and snared him. Batman then left the frightened hood dangling from the spring-action reel cord on a bar for the police.


Batrope 04

Behind the ScenesEdit

Trivia Edit

  • This man was the only person who fell victim to Batman's speargun attachment for his spring-action reel gadget. Any other time that the device was used, it had a grappling hook or bola attachment. Michael Keaton's speargun yank moment seems to be the inspiration for the Batclaw in Rocksteady's Arkham video games, the scene has also influenced similar Grapple Gun yanking of thugs by Christian Bale and Ben Affleck.
  • He only had one spoken line after he was captured by Batman.



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