"Master of the World. Another Napoleon- and no one can stop me?"

Prof. Carl Kruger (unofficially known as Napoleon) was a criminal-mastermind inspired by Napoleon Bonaparte. A mad scientist seeking world domination, he served as one of Batman's earliest foes.


Professor Carl Kruger was a man who looked identical to the historic Napoleon Bonaparte and whom also suffered from an intense Napoleon Complex which lead him to be incarcerated in Gotham City's Insane Asylum. After being released from the Asylum, the Professor publicly began to work on a new kind of Death-Ray, using Gamma Rays and Ozone Gases. Assembling a criminal empire of two-thousand men, dubbed the "Scarlet Horde", he worked with three other mad-scientists to attack Batman's city, planning to eventually rule the world as a dictator.

Using a blimp and the death-rays, Kruger lead an attack on the city, causing thousands of deaths. Batman eventually discovered his schemes, disrupting their plans at his base and eventually destroying his blimp with the Batplane. Kruger escaped his dirigible the moment Batman destroyed it and tried to kill the vigilante. However, the Dark Knight knocked him out with a Gas Pellet, causing him to crash into a body of water. Kruger's body was later recovered by authorities, though the cause of death was unspecified.


  • Kruger later served as inspiration for the Batman villain Colonel Blimp, a supervillain that utilizes blimps and zeppelins.
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