"Master of the World. Another Napoleon- and no one can stop me?"

Prof. Carl Kruger AKA Napoleon was a criminal-mastermind with a Napoleon complex.

In post-crisis comics he was the inspiration of the super-villain Colonel Blimp.


Professor Carl Kruger was a man who looked identical to the historic Napoleon Bonaparte and whom also suffered from an intense Napoleon Complex which lead him to be incarcerated in Gotham City's Insane Asylum. After being released from the Asylum, the Professor publicly began to work on a new kind of Death-Ray while used Gamma Rays and Ozone Gas which he used to team up with three other evil-scientists known as the Scarlet Horde whom equipped the death-ray onto their blimp and shot it at Gotham, intending on using it to conquer the world with Kruger as it's dicator. Batman found out Napoleon's scheme however and used the Bat-Plane to destroy the ship. Kruger escaped his dirigible the moment Batman destroyed it, but faints due to a gas pellet and crashes his plane into a body of water, suposedly killing him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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