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"Who the hell are you?"
―Neon Gang Leader to Dick Grayson.[src]

The Neon Gang Leader and the Neon Gang kidnapped a Teen Girl. Dick Grayson came to her rescue, and personally fought the gang's leader. Dick surprised him with a roundhouse kick to the head.

Conflict with Dick Grayson[]


The Neon Gang Leader preventing the teen girl from screaming to Dick Grayson.

The Neon Gang hassled a teen girl. Pushing her around and pulling her about, they eventually pushed her towards a gang member with paint that made his face look like a skull (The Neon Gang Leader). The Batmobile rolled up nearby, but unknowingly to the Neon Gang, it was Dick Grayson who drove it after he stole it from the Batcave. The Neon Leader covered the girl's mouth to stop her from calling for help, but when he saw that it wasn't Batman, she managed to escape and ran away screaming. The Neon Gang chased after her and Dick followed. Dick fought the Neon Gang and took their leader out with a roundhouse kick to the head. Dick and the girl then kissed. Then she fled as the leader got to his feet and called several more Neon Gang members. Soon, the real Batman turned up, they all fled, and were scared of Batman.


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Behind the Scenes[]

  • The Neon Gang Leader was played by kickboxing champion, Don Wilson.