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Cheyenne Freemont was a metahuman with the power of telekinesis who created a Nightwing costume to help Dick Grayson.


The child of two metahuman parents, young Cheyenne witnessed first hand how people reacted to others with powers, as her family was run out of town due to their strange abilities. When her own powers emerged, she kept them hidden for fear that people would hate her as they did her parents. Her flair for design led her to become a famous clothing designer. She was content to live a normal life, until she crossed paths with Dick Grayson, the superhero known as Nightwing.

After Cheyenne spends a night with Dick, a man who has feelings for her proceeds to beat her for her tryst with Dick. Cheyenne uses her psionic powers to blast him away with a force bolt. Later, when Jason Todd threatens her, Dick (as Nightwing) comes to her rescue, only to become an accidental model in her fashion show. Cheyenne learns that Dick is Nightwing, and Dick learns that Cheyenne is a metahuman. He tries to convince her to become a superhero, but she refuses, not wanting to expose herself as a metahuman. Only when Jason Todd became a prisoner of two super-powered brothers who intended to kill him, did Cheyenne use her abilities to help. She creates a costume similar to Nightwing's and uses her powers to help Nightwing save Jason, before retiring as the female Nightwing.

Powers and Abilities

Powers: Telekinesis

Abilities: None Introduced.

Strength Level: Unknown.

Weaknesses: None known.

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