"Modern Romance"

Catwoman dreams of how her marriage to Batman would go and then wonders why she still thinks about Batman in this way, and hence why she still stays in Gotham. She decides, for a slight change of scene, to attempt a diamond robbery in Bludhaven, where she knows that Batman will not interrupt her 'work'.

However, when she arrives at the casino where the diamond is on display, she is discovered not by Batman, but by 'the junior Bat', Nightwing. He is there because the owner of the diamond is planning to have it stolen himself, for the insurance money. Catwoman tags along with Nightwing, but causes trouble, deliberately alerting the other thieves to their presence and flirting madly with Nightwing. A showdown ensues, in which Catwoman so very nearly gets her paws on the diamond, but is thwarted by Nightwing, who hands it over to armed security guards.

After their little adventure, Catwoman tells Nightwing not to tell Batman what happened between them. When Nightwing realises that the feline felon wants him to tell his mentor in order to make him jealous, the only possible response is to laugh.


"Modern Romance"



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