Nora Clavicle was a villainess and an enemy of Batman, Robin, and Batgirl in the 1960s Batman TV series.

Under the guise of a champion for women's rights, she charmed Mayor Linseed's wife into making him give her Commissioner Gordon's job. She then replaced all the policemen with women, specifically housewives. This resulted in them being more interested in sales and swapping recipes than catching criminals. She then sent her molls to rob a bank to lure Batman, Robin, and Batgirl into a trap so they wouldn't interfere her scheme. Her plan was to destroy Gotham City so she would collect an insurance claim of $10,000,000 on it. Of course, she had to make sure that Gotham's heroes won't be there to stop her when she collects the money; and while Nora was confident that Batman and Robin posed no threat to her gran scheme, she admits that with a woman, Batgirl, on their side, could prove problematic. She then enacted a plan to not only defeat but also to humiliate the Terrific Trio, subjecting them into the infamous "Siamese Human Knot". With the heroes trapped and immobilized, Nora sent an army of mechanical mice with bombs in them to blow up Gotham City. As a result, the new police force was helpless as they were all afraid of mice, even mechanical ones. However, The Terrific Trio used special flutes to lure the mice into the docks and foiled her plans. She and her associates were sent to custody by the former Commissioner, Chief O'Hara, and Alfred who made a citizen's arrest.

Known Associates

  • Millie Linseed (portrayed by Jean Byron), Mayor Linseed's wife who was taken in by Nora's trickery as a champion for Woman's rights. However she soon realized her mistake when Nora's true colors were revealed.
  • Evelina (portrayed by June Wilkinson), Nora Clavicle's left hand moll
  • Angelina (portrayed by Inga Neilsen), Nora Clavicle's right hand moll
  • Policewomen (portrayed by Jennifer Gan, Alyce Andrece, Rhae Andrece and Elizabeth Baur ) - Women hired by Nora as officers of the law, but are really crooks who care nothing about protecting Gotham.
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