Nora Clavicle is ostensibly a womens' rights spokesperson, but she is secretly a crime queen. Exercising her influence over Mayor Linseed's wife (and, consequently, Mayor Linseed) she has Commissioner Gordon, Chief O'Hara, and Batman and Robin all fired and replaced with women. She then has her henchgirls set a trap for the Caped Crusaders: when the newly-appointed policewomen prove too concerned with their makeup to stop Nora's gang from robbing the bank, Batman and Robin decide to try their hand at catching the thieves. With Batgirl assisting, they trace the gang to a knitting company's warehouse, where the heroes are captured and tied into a gruesome human Siamese knot. As the three crimefighters struggle to avoid strangulation, Nora unleashes mechanical mice that will explode at sunset, so that she might collect on an insurance policy she has taken out on Gotham. Batman, of course, figures a way out of the Siamese knot. He then procures three flutes, with which, like Masked Pied Pipers, the trio lead the mechanical mice safely out into the water of Gotham Harbor. This trick works, Batman cagily explains, because of a peculiar sound-actuated mechanism in the mice. Nora and her gang are rounded up with a citizen's arrest by Gordon, O'Hara and Alfred, after which Gotham returns to normal operation.







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