"Now you can be part of the action. NygmaTech brings the joy of 3D entertainment into your living room. Ladies and Gentleman let me tell you my vision: the Box in every home in America and one day the world."
―Edward Nygma's speech at the opening of NygmaTech[src]

The NygmaTech Corporation was a company that was located in Gotham City and was founded by Edward Nygma, A.K.A. the Riddler.


NygmaTech was founded by Edward Nygma after he resigned from his former workplace, Wayne Enterprises, as a result of its CEO, Bruce Wayne, rejecting his idea: The Box. Nygma made an alliance with the psychopathic criminal, Two-Face to help him steal enough money to finance the building of NygmaTech in return for revealing to him the secret identity of Batman and a share of the intelligence that the invention could utilize to make the recipient intelligent.

After Nygma stole millions of dollars with Two-Face, NygmaTech's headquarters was built on Claw Island and the production of the company's chief invention, The Box, began. Its stocks soared and outsold Wayne Enterprises two to one. As such, Nygma and Two-Face gained enough intelligence to deduce Batman's true identity. The company's fate was unknown after Claw Island was destroyed during Batman and Robin's assault, as well as Two-Face's death and Nygma's resulting insanity after the Master Box was destroyed, and left him as an inmate at Arkham Asylum.

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