Officer Hutch/Sergeant Lory was one of three kidnapping victims by the Mad Hatter in one of his attempts to break Batman during the events of Halloween.


During the events of Scarecrow's attack on Gotham City on Halloween night, Hutch/Lory had been on patrol when his siren started to malfunction, forcing him to pull over. Not long after he pulled over, however, he was knocked out by the Mad Hatter (who had been responsible for modifying his and two other police officers' squad car's sirens to implement a hypnotic tune). Unlike the other two officers, however, he wasn't actually locked inside of his own car (which had been moved to the area near Panessa Studios), but was instead knocked out and awoke separately without his car, as Mad Hatter needed a decoy for Batman to find a book inside where he was inside wearing the White Rabbit mask via a hallucinogen contained in the pages. Batman ultimately managed to disarm the explosives and found the book, but not Hutch/Lory himself, with Aaron Cash calling Batman notifying him that Lory had just returned to the GCPD claiming he had blacked out and his car was stolen, meaning all victims were accounted for, although like Batman, he was still suspicious of Mad Hatter's endgame. Batman ultimately managed to "retrieve the White Rabbit" and escape the book. Hutch was last seen at the interrogation room sitting in the seat, drained from the events of that night especially his being forced to fight Batman. He also admitted that he still wasn't sure what happened back there other than Mad Hatter messing with their heads, and that he now knows how the criminals Batman brought in must have felt when he had to contend to Batman beating him to a pulp.

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