Old Wayne Tower was the tallest building in Gotham (pre earthquake). Part of a larger architectural scheme for Old Gotham designed by Cyrus Pinkney and promoted by Judge Solomon Wayne.


When Solomon Wayne saw the Pinkney's sketches he knew he had found the style for a new kind of building, unfortunately the tallest fo the buildings, the tower, was unfeasable at the time. Later, as new building materials and technologies (tying a building's foundation into the bedrock) were developed, it became possible to make that vision a reality.

Solomon's son, Alan Wayne, working with other important members of Gotham elite pushed for the construction of a tower that would stand as inspiration to the good people of Gotham. It was constructed in 1888 looking much like Pinkney's original drawing of it. Many other "Gotham style" skyscapers followed.


Over a 1,000 feet tall, the tower would be the tallest in Gotham. Built as a symbol to welcome all of those who enter Gotham City. For each entry point into the city, there was built a gargoyle or 'guardian,' to welcome visitors. The tower was also tied into the railways lines around it. At the top of the tower is an observation deck covered by a giant glass dome. It is currently the home of Wayne Enterprises.

In Other Media

  • When it first appeared it was referred to as the Corolla Building. (Whether this implies that the building was owned by someone else at one time is unknown.)
  • In Batman: Arkham City, the tower is known as Wonder Tower and houses the central command center for Hugo Strange in Arkham City.