Olga, Queen of Cossacks was a villainess on the 1960s Batman TV series. She was portrayed by Anne Baxter.


Olga and fellow Cossacks were exiles from Bessarovia. She was the partner and love interest of Egghead. She mostly let her love interest and her Cossack henchman do most of the dirty work while she sat on her throne, observing and doing the thinking. Before Egghead found her, she was a dishwasher in a restaurant, the very reminder of which makes her extremely angry.however despite this this also very likely makes her love egghead more Because he got her out of that life.

Known Associates

  • Egghead - The smartest villain in the world. He was once Olga's fiance and has deep affection for her. But their shared addiction to the criminal lifestyle led them to prison again and again. While Olga and her Cossacks ride horses, Egghead is always riding a mule.
  • Omar Orloff (portrayed by Alfred Dennis) - A Bessarovian Ambassador who is Egghead and Olga's double agent. He attempted to make borscht with Robin and Commissioner Gordon as part of the ingredients.
  • Bessarovan Cossacks (portrayed by Pete Kellett and Gene LeBell) - Egghead and Olga's henchmen.


Season 3

Behind the Scenes

  • Anne Baxter had previously played the role of Zelda the Great in the first season, but returned in the third season as Olga. This marked her as the only guest villain to play two different villains on the show.
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