Olivia Carr is a young girl abducted by Dollmaker and brainwashed into his family.


Olivia is first found by Batman in the wreckage of one of the Joker's hideouts. She's later picked up by her "uncle" who turns out to be a criminal working for Dollmaker. She's locked up by the Dollmaker, who eventually brainwashes her into joining his family. She later comes in contact with the captured Jim Gordon, suggesting they try to contact Batman. Gordon knowing that Olivia is probably on Dollmaker's side, still goes along with the plan, believing it's his best shot regardless, giving her a note with a secret message for Batman to watch his back. Olivia meets Batman on the roof of the Gotham City Police Department building, giving him Gordon's note, as she's left in the care of a police officer. The officer turns out to be corrupt, wanting to bring her to the criminals offering money for her, but Olivia kills him by slitting his throat.

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