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Omega is the main antagonist of the Elseworld future, Batman: Last Knight on Earth. He is an elderly Bruce Wayne and former Batman who was driven to become an evil authoritarian in a distant future of the DC universe.



This Bruce Wayne's origins are seemingly exactly those of The Batman from Prime Earth and writer Scott Snyder's initial run of the character.

Bruce Wayne was born into the wealthy Wayne Family when at a young age he witnessed his parents shot dead by a mugger named Joe Chill. Following their death, Bruce used his inheritance to train for several years into becoming a great detective and warrior. He came to return to Gotham City as an adult and took up the alias of Batman to fight crime and injustice in Gotham City.


During a time of great global turmoil thanks to global warming and an energy crisis, Superman and Lex Luthor decided to hold a live debate on the virtues of good vs evil with the loser being impaled by Kryptonite tied to the will of the human race. Despite Lex himself being convinced by Superman's arguments and believing he had lost, humanity collectively sided with Luthor leading to Superman's death.

Some time before this, Bruce had discovered a decades old corpse in Crime Alley of a child who appeared to be the son of his parents' killer Joe Chill. From the corpse, Batman deduced that the real reason Joe Chill had killed his parents was out of vengeance for Dr. Wayne having killed his own son through surgical malpractice. In reality, it was a clone created by Batman's nemesis the Joker.

After Superman's death, a crowd of rioters descended on the Hall of Justice. Rather than fight them, Batman allowed them inside believing they could be reasoned with. The crowd, including men women and children, attacked him, leaving him so badly beaten and mutilated that the world believed him dead.

In reality, Bruce survived, but lost faith in humanity and decided to instill order with force. He achieved this by killing the New God Darkseid and putting his head on a pike before using the cosmic Anti-Life Equation attached to a modified bat-signal to break and control the souls of the populace; all under the new name of Omega. As the surviving heroes tried to kill Omega, Omega caused mass destruction and even commiting genocide against the Amazonians who Wonder Woman ruled over. Under his control, Gotham became a city-state that he used to progressively conquer the Earth.

Last Knight on Earth

Alfred Pennyworth was one of the few who knew that Bruce was Omega and chose to activate a cloning machine to create a clone of Batman with his memories up until the mass riots. This Batman would be raised by Alfred to be strong enough to defeat his genetic-template once and for-all.


  • The head of Darkseid: The severed head of the New God Darkseid who embodied all evil in the universe as it was known.
  • Anti-Life Equation: The legendary anti-life equation breaks the souls and spirits of all those put under its influence, allowing whoever possess the equation to control them.