Barbara Gordon discovers a new path as she controls the Birds of Prey, but is left confused if she can go on as the head of a squad who either keeps on quitting or near to losing their lives. Oracle sees that if she is responsible for these girls' deaths, she is no better than the man who crippled her. However, she faces too many realizations as she faces near death as well. Also, this mini-series also goes through the Battle for the Cowl story arc.

Traveling with Wendy Kuttler across Gotham and Hong Kong, Barbara Gordon goes against her intellectual rival, the Calculator. The villain has improved his savy technology and is now not afraid to kill anyone to get what he wants. However, what he wants, he can only receive from Oracle.

Oracle might have let go of her own squad, but only she knows the answer to the question that has been boggling her mind. Is she willing to save herself from one of the Birds of Preys' greatest villain?

Oracle: The Cure Issues


Birds of Prey

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