"Home Again, Home Again"

Following the dissolution of the Birds of Prey, Barbara Gordon returns home to Gotham City where she settles into an apartment in one of Gotham's not-so illustrious neighborhoods. There she immediately begins outfitting the unit with the measures necessary to re-construct the Oracle's cyber headquarters. She becomes so wrapped up in returning to her digital fortress that she neglects to even modify her non-wheelchair friendly amenities - let alone return the several missed calls from concerned family and friends. Secluding herself in her apartment, Barbara Gordon retreats back into her online world. There she spends most of her time on the hunt for the last remnants of the Anti-Life Equation which had devastated the net months ago. The mind-blowingly complex mathematical equation is now shattered into an unknown number of information clusters strewn throughout the net.

However, the Oracle isn't the only one trying to track down the Anti-Life Clusters as it seems the Calculator is interested in them as well - mostly as a means of healing his daughter Wendy who was attacked months ago and put into a coma. It would seem as though he is collecting the bits of information and then having their mathematical specifications carved into the facets of several crystals. He also bides his time between standing at his daughter's bedside and concocting an elaborate enough ruse to get himself access to one of the nation's largest databanks. Once he gains access he does a search for the names of any others who may be tracking down the ALE. There he comes across the name of one of Oracle's online agents and, using a fake screen name, requests an e-meeting between himself and the agent in an online chat world called Alta Viva.

When the two meet up, Calculator convinces the agent to let him see her portion of the code. Once the agent complies, Calculator simply copies the data and then uses his abilities to murder the agent, sending a pulse directly into her brain causing her head to explode. Hacking into the web-cam feed, Oracle stares in horror at the image of her friend's decapitated body.


"Home Again, Home Again"




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