The Outlaws, sometimes referred to as the Dark Trinity, are a team of violent vigilantes lead by Jason Todd's Red Hood.


Prime Earth (New 52)

The Outlaws were founded when Starfire found Jason Todd washed up on the beaches of the Caribbean island where she crashed after a space-battle. Jason reminded Starfire of her lover Dick Grayson (Jason's adoptive brother) so she nursed him back to health and began helping him.

Jason and Kori lived on the island for some time until Jason learned that his friend Roy Harper AKA Arsenal was going to receive the death-penalty in the nation of Qurac for protesting the government. Jason and Kori saved Arsenal who then decided to side with them and together they formed the Outlaws.

The team originally consisted of Red Hood, Starfire and Arsenal with them operating out of the Caribbean island where Starfire had originally crashed. The three would travel the world together and hunt down criminals to deal with, typically in anti-heroic methods.

The three would become allies of the Bat-Family with them helping protect certain targets of the Court of Owls during the events of Night of the Owls. During this time, Arsenal and Starfire protected the targeted Mister Freeze while Jason hunted down Talons to kill.

Starfire wound up leaving the team to return to her home-world after learning it was under attack from an alien parasite called the Blight. When Starfire returned to Earth she became a Teen Titans member again.


In this continuity, the Outlaws originally formed as a means of fighting the Black Mask with original members consisting of Red Hood, Artemis and Bizarro.


Current Members

  • The Red Hood: Formerly the second Robin and an apprentice to Batman who was known for being reckless and violent, Jason Todd was tortured and murdered by the Joker. Years later he was resurrected but driven mad by the trauma of his own death and the fact that Batman never murdered Joker to avenge him. Jason then donned the Joker's old alias The Red Hood, and became a supervillain/anti-hero who aimed at getting revenge on those he believed wronged him, and in trying to save Gotham by violent means.
  • Bizarro: Bizarro is a failed clone of Superman created by Lex Luthor with several genetic-flaws and a sub-average intelligence. He is obsessed with being the best Superman and proving himself a hero, but doesn't understand his actions hurt people and will violently lash out whenever challenged.
  • Artemis: Artemis is an Amazon from the Amazonian splinter-faction known as the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall. She was raised believing she would become the greatest warrior alive and Queen of the Amazons which made her resent Wonder Woman. Eventually, Wonder Woman would take the girl under her wing to try and train to be better.

Former Members

  • Arsenal: Roy Harper was the first side-kick of the Green Arrow, having been known back then as Speedy. Roy was raised on an American-Indigenous reserve where he was an expert archer and had a knack for designing gimmicked, trick-arrows. As Speedy, he would also become a classic member of the Teen Titans. Tragically, Roy started suffering from drug-addiction and alcoholism which lead to him quitting being Speedy in-favour of going solo under the moniker of Arsenal.
  • Starfire: Koriand'r is an alien princess from the planet of Tamaran. When her planet was conquered, she was enslaved and experimented on with the procedures giving her vast powers. She then managed to use these powers to escape and flee to Earth where she became a member of the Teen Titans, and the girlfriend of Dick Grayson.
  • Joker's Daughter: Duela Dent is a deranged young-adult obsessed with the super-criminals of Gotham City and who has a complex past with the Teen Titans. She briefly joined the Outlaws but betrayed them.
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