Officer Owens was a GCPD officer as well as one of the first victims of the Scarecrow's latest fear toxin.


Nine months after the Joker's body was cremated by Commissioner Gordon, on Halloween, Officer Owens went over for a bite to eat at the diner. However, one of the patrons informed him that someone was smoking at a non-smoking zone with the implication that he was violating the diner's smoking-free policy. He then went to take care of it, although when he tried to talk with the patron, he was exposed to fear-gas alongside the other people. Scarecrow later revealed that the dose was just at 5% of its potency in his warning to Gotham when taking credit for the attack.


  • Depending on whether the player shoots or doesn't shoot the people at the diner while under the influence of the Fear Toxin, the dialogue between the GCPD cops regarding Owens will be different. If the former, they will comment that the incident will most likely result in his badge being revoked, despite the fact that the situation wasn't actually his fault, while he is blaming himself. If the latter, the GCPD officers will instead be impressed that he didn't shoot anyone despite being infected with a high-concentrated dose of the fear toxin.
  • He was married, and apparently was put on a diet by his wife, based on his initially going for a salad before deciding to have waffles and bacon and telling the waitress to not tell his wife about the order in the opening.
  • He is the first playable cop in the arkhamverse.
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