This woman was a guest at Bruce Wayne's fundraiser, held at his penthouse.


During Bruce Wayne's fundraising party for DA Harvey Dent, this woman slipped away with a man. When the Joker and his thugs arrived, demanding to see Dent, Bruce retreated to his bedroom where he had a secret room holding his Batsuit and other gear.

Wayne came upon the passionate couple, who had begun struggling to put their clothes on after they heard the commotion from the intruders of the party. As Bruce passed, the man asked him what was going on. Ignoring him, Bruce entered his secret room, opening a false door in the wall. Mistaking it for a panic room, the man and woman were about to follow but the door had already closed. The woman said in disbelief, "Oh, you gotta be kidding me".

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Credited as 'Female Guest'.
  • It is unclear how far their love making had progressed. They likely just got a little carried away, for fear of being walked in on.
  • Also unclear is what their relationship to one another was. They may have been married, dating, or even first met at the party.
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