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Senator Patrick Leahy, a self-confessed Batman fan, has filmed five cameo appearances in Batman movies, and voiced one for an animated episode. He has also written multiple introductions for DC Comic anthologies.

Leahy has served as a United States Senator from Vermont since 1975, is a President pro tempore emeritus, and has more seniority than any other Senator.


His first Batman-related work was the written foreword to Batman: The Dark Knight Archives: Volume 1 (1992), a hardcover anthology of the first four issues of the Batman comic book. Three years later, Leahy had an uncredited cameo in Batman Forever,[1][2], and voiced a Territorial Governor in an episode of Batman: The Animated Series set in the American southwest of 1883.

Leahy’s Dark Knight cameo was notable for his interaction with the Joker, in which he tells the Joker “We’re not intimidated by thugs”, to which the Joker replies, “You know, you remind me of my father. I hated my father.” In The Dark Knight Rises, Leahy’s character defends the Wayne family against John Daggett’s attempt to usurp control of Wayne Enterprises. It is possible, but unconfirmed, that "Gentleman at Party" and "Board Member #2" are the same character.

All royalties and fees from Leahy’s roles have been given, as charitable donations, to the Kellogg-Hubbard library in Vermont where he read comic books as a child.[2]

Batman work listing


  • Batman: The Dark Knight Archives: Volume 1 (1992 comic book anthology) “Forward”
  • Batman: Death of Innocents (1996 graphic novel) “The Innocent Victims of Landmines” (preface)
  • Green Arrow: The Archer’s Quest (2003 comic book anthology) “Introduction”

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