The Pre-Nuclear Submarine was a massive watercraft owned and operated by the Penguin. Modified to resemble a penguin swimming, the submarine was armed with both torpedoes and surface to air Polaris missiles. It was crewed by pirates loyal to Penguin and his gang. It was frequently moored in the Gotham City Harbor.


Batman: The Movie

Briefly, the submarine was utilized by the United Underworld as a mobile base of operations during their efforts to obtain the invention of Commodore Schmidlapp. They were able to capture the Commodore's Yacht, imprisoning the Commodore in the hold, and establish a holographic replica of the yacht to lure Batman and Robin into a trap. Later the submarine was used to attack Batman and Robin while they investigated aboard the Batboat.

Following Batman and Robin locating their hideout on Gotham Pier; Penguin, Joker, Catwoman, and the Riddler moved to the submarine to continue their objective. Using the submarine, the criminals infiltrated the United World Organization and used the Commodore's invention on the United World Security Council. Batman and Robin were able to give chase in the Batboat and captured the submarine, rescuing the Commodore and defeating the villain's plot in the process.

Gotham (TV Series)


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