Joe Coyne began his career selling newspapers for only a penny, but he was soon caught stealing pennies. He now commits crimes which center around pennies. The giant penny often shown in the Batcave is a trophy of Batman's defeat of The Penny Plunderer. Though he is a classic adversary of Batman, he has recently been ret-conned out of Batman's rogue gallery. The giant penny has also been the focus of a ret-con and is now canonically known as an item that Two-Face attempted to use to crush Batman.

The Penny Plunderer's last known whereabouts were in Arkham Asylum. He wore a green suit and had orange hair. He made only one appearance.

Powers and Abilities

None, but has some penny based gimmicks.

In other media


Penny Plunderer was likely the basis for Cheapo, a villain on the short-lived adult cartoon series Stripperella. Cheapo wore a green suit and stole things of little to no value, favoring pennies as both objects to steal and as weapons. This was shown by his attempt to steal the world's largest imitation diamond and his attempt to drown his arch-enemy, the aforementioned Stripperella, in gigantic jar of pennies.

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