"Becky, this is hardly the time--Becky!!"
―Peter McElroy to Becky Narita.[src]

Peter McElroy was a Gotham City television news anchor. His co-anchor, Becky Narita, was poisoned by the Joker's Smylex. Later, Peter was seen looking very unkempt as his replacement Co-Anchor reported that six new lives were lost to the Joker's Smylex, as he stopped taking care of himself as he correctly theorized that health and beauty products were contaminated with Smylex, but did not know which. Peter was last seen giving a breaking news report that Batman had "cracked the code" and that it was a combination of certain products that would cause victims to die from Smylex. Combined with Batman's destruction of Axis Chemicals, the GCPD were able to examine all of the beauty products to ensure that they were not poisoned, which prompted a recall of all poisoned products, and thus ended the Joker's random Smylex murders.

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