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Phosphorus Rex is a member of the Circus of Strange who seems to be perpetually on fire.


New Earth[]

Rex would be introduced into mainstream comics as a member of Prof. Pyg's Circus of Strange. After fellow freak Mister Toad was apprehended by the Gotham City Police Department, Rex and a couple more members of the Circus of Strange were dispatched to seemingly rescue Toad. During their attempt, Rex was defeated and arrested by a new Batman.

Prime Earth[]

In the New 52, Phosphorus Rex briefly appeared in the first issue of the Court of Owls storyline where he was shown to be an inmate of Arkham Asylum alongside other Circus of Strange members such as Big Top and Professor Pyg.

Phosphorus Rex and the Circus of Strange later orchestrated a series of kidnappings around Gotham's fairgrounds, seemingly separate from Professor Pyg. Due to this, Phosphorus Rex and the circus were fought by Red Hood along with his accomplices, Arsenal and Joker's Daughter.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Flames: Rex body is shrouded with lethal flames but not to the user it seems. It is unknown if the flames are natural or artificial.

Alternate versions[]

Batman in Bethlehem[]

Phosphorus Rex is first mentioned as one of Gotham's five most powerful crime-lords in the distant future of Batman 666 where he is an enemy of Damian Wayne's Batman. He comes to be murdered by the insane, "Bat-Devil" Michael Lane.

In other media[]