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The Pneumatic Mangler used by Batman to cut through scarecrow's van to stop him.

The Pneumatic Mangler is a device used by Batman to cut or bend metal. It was prominently used in the beginning of The Dark Knight.


The Dark Knight

The Pneumatic Mangler was a device that Batman used to apprehend Scarecrow. It was given to him by Lucius Fox, his friend and supplier. He made it to attach to the left arm gauntlet of the Batsuit, allowing him to break through tough objects, such as gun barrels. After the suit upgrade in The Dark Knight, however, it was no longer used.

Batman first used it when confronting Scarecrow in a parking garage, as he was making a trade with the Chechen and his men. Using the Mangler, Batman was able to effortlessly bend the barrel of a long gun. After pursuing Scarecrow's van, he used it to rip through the sheet metal covering the vehicle, which weakened the structure of the van, allowing Batman to crumple and stop the vehicle after landing on it from several meters above.


  • The Pneumatic Mangler is a device that was attached to Batman's left arm. It was shown in both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.
  • The Pneumatic Mangler first served as one of Batman's weapons, but it also blocked attacks easily.
  • The Mangler disappears from Batman's armory after Fox upgrades the Batsuit.