"There is also something coming this way. Very large. Very fast."
―The Poodle Lady.[src]

The Poodle Lady was a henchwoman who worked for the Penguin, as a member of the Red Triangle Circus Gang. The Poodle Lady had a small trained poodle who carried out criminal acts for her and guarded her fiercely. She evidently had a great bond with the dog as she was never seen without her.


She was a former freakshow performer in the Red Triangle Circus. She was present at the kidnaping and blackmail of Max Shreck when he was brought to Arctic World.

The Poodle Lady took part in the later random assault of Gotham City after Penguin was embraced by the public. She sent her Ratty Poodle to blow up a store with a grenade that it carried. She was seen later with three other clowns. Batman tried to knock them all out with his self guiding Super-Batarang, but the Poodle Lady's dog caught it right before she was hit as she stood motionless and unflinching. The Poodle Lady then escaped with her poodle, thanks to the distraction from the Sword Swallower and Thin Clown.

She later provided the Batarang to aid the Penguin in kidnapping the Ice Princess (Penguin used the stolen Batarang to knock out the Ice Princess and incriminated Batman). After she helped the remaining members of the Red Triangle gang sabotage the Batmobile, the Poodle Lady updated the Penguin on the status of his army of Penguin Commandos in her rather deadpan voice as they approached Gotham Plaza. The Poodle Lady was last seen disappearing into the shadows after the Penguin's plan to destroy Gotham failed, but she may have been arrested after Penguin died in the ensuing battle with Batman or she succeeded to escape capture.




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