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"You were right, Joker. The best punchline is the one you don't see coming."

Prank was one of the Joker's sidekicks.




A classmate of Barbara Gordon, Donnie considered himself to be the class clown, even if no one else in the school did. After he discovered the fact that no one in the school understood his jokes, Donnie went to an open microphone stand-up, whereupon he caught the Joker's attention. Jealous of and intrigued by the fact that Batman had a sidekick, the Joker wanted one of his own, so he chose Donnie. After convincing Donnie (done by hoisting Donnie's teacher up on the flag pole) to join his team as "Prank," he and the Joker executed a scheme to hurt the G.C.P.D. The plan failed when Batman and Batgirl intervened; when it came time for Prank to pull the trigger and defeat Batgirl, he couldn't because he didn't want to hurt people.

Seeing this as a flaw in his workmanship, the Joker took Prank back to his hideout. There, the Joker was readying to drop Donnie into the vat of chemicals that transformed the Jest Of Jackanapes into his current state, when Batman and Batgirl showed up just in time to defeat the Joker and save Prank. Prank delivered the final blow to the Joker by knocking him out with a quick punch from his own flag-gun. After this he returns to his normal life.

Powers and Abilities[]

Donnie didn't have any super-powers or abilities. But as Prank, he did have a lot of ideas for jokes and was given a handful of gadgets by Joker.


Season 3 []

Voiced by[]

  • Michael Reisz (English)
  • Koki Miyata (Japanese)