"The League of the New Order of Hirohito, Heavenly Ruler and Prince of the Rising Sun, marches on, and nothing will ever stop it. You might just as well try to stop the tides, the winds."
―Prince Daka[src]

Prince Daka was an evil mastermind residing in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles, California.


Back storyEdit

"I am Dr. Daka, humble servant of his majesty Hirohito, heavenly ruler and Prince of the Rising Sun. By divine destiny my country shall destroy the democratic forces of evil and the United States to make way for the New Order. An Order that will bring about the liberation of the enslaved people of America...Each of these a specialist in his line and has been especially selected by me to execute the orders I receive from Tokyo. "
―Prince Daka[src]

Prince Daka was part of the cult known as the 'Rising Sun'. When World War II came, he joined the Axis Powers and is now going under the alias of 'Doctor Tito Daka'.

To prepare a for the 'Japanese-occupation', he worked out of a hidden location in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles, called the Cave of Horrors. It is here that he organized a group of nefarious business men called the League of the New Order. In his secret location, Dr. Daka builds a machine known as the 'Electrical Brain' to turn those who oppose him into pseudo-zombies.

However he had one thorn in his side, Batman and Robin, the caped crusaders of the city. Daka employed many a thug to rid him of the pesky dynamic duo but they always failed and in the end, Batman and Robin found a way to turn everyone back to normal, and vanquish the pseudo-zombie threat once and for all.

In the ultimate show-down, Batman and Robin apprehended Daka, tying him up, they then found the way to turn people back to normal from being zombies, remove the zombie head-piece and use the Electrical Brain again reversing the effects. Daka then found a knife in his pocket, and used to cut himself loose, taking Linda Page hostage, as he attempted to creep back to his secret lab, Linda in tow, Batman quickly tells Robin to press the button that closes the door to the secret lab, Daka panics and drops Linda and rushes to the entrance to the secret lab. Unfortunately Robin hits the wrong button opening a trap-door which leads to a pit of hungry, angry alligators, Daka falls through the trap-door, and is eaten alive.

In other mediaEdit

  • Prince Daka was adapted into comics many years later, appearing in All-Star Squadron #42 & 43 in 1985.
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