Prison Officer Griscelli was a prison guard for the prison airship Iron Heights Penitentiary.


Around the time Waylon Jones, aka, Killer Croc escaped his cell, he discovered his escape as well as his attempting to sabotage the engine system for the airship. However, he was unable to stop him, and ended up wounded in the leg, either by Croc himself or by the crash. Batman, who had just arrived at the derelict airship after being notified of its crash by Nightwing to investigate the cause of the crash, found Griscelli underneath some rubble and helped him out. The Dark Knight then inquired about what happened to cause the crash, and Griscelli informed him about Waylon Jones' escape from his cell and his sabotage of the engines, and also made clear that he was on the hunt for the other guards. He was presumably evacuated from the airship by Nightwing shortly afterward (who had come to the same conclusion after finding an officer who lost half of his body). Upon witnessing Batman's detaining of both Waylon Jones and his boss, Warden Ranken (the latter due to performing inhumane experimentation on Croc that resulted in the already dehumanized criminal mutating even further), he asked Batman if he was sure Croc's cell was secure, as he didn't want to become his meal (even though he doesn't blame the prisoners for hating him).


  • It is unclear whether he knew about the unethical experimentations on Killer Croc prior to the airship crash or Ranken's arrest.
  • Similar to the victims in The Perfect Crime, Blackburn and the other Prison officers encountered during the game are not actually identified by name during the mission. They are only identified after the mission's completion when talking to them.
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