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Professor Hammil was the inventor of the remote control machine and boss of Carter who was secretly The Wizard.


He designed and invented the remote control machine until he became wheelchair bound and retired with other scientists finishing his invention.

He secretly invented an electronic chair that makes him stand and walk around again and enters a secret panel in his fireplace to his laboratory.

When the remote control machine was stolen by thugs, Batman and Robin were summoned to solve the case and recover the machine.

When they learned The Wizard was the mastermind behind the theft of the machine, Batman and Robin suspected Hammil to be the Wizard, along with Barry Brown, the radio broadcaster and Dunne, the private detective. Hammil also invented a neutralizer, which was later stolen by the Wizard's men.

When learning both machines combined, the Wizard becomes invisible. When the Wizard's attempt to steal the super jet plans were thwarted when Neal turned the machines off, the Wizard gets shot in the hand by the guards. After Batman, Robin, and Commissioner Gordon learn the Wizard was Carter. When they arrived at Hammil's estate to arrest Carter, they found him shot dead in Hammil's study. When Hammil comes into the room, Batman notices the professor's wounded hand and asks him how he hurt it, Hammil admits he burned it in the lab.

After thwarting the Wizard's assassination on Gordon, Batman and Robin found both Hammil and Carter alive, with Hammil about to make a full confession. When Carter admits he and his twin brother have been taking orders from Hammil, Batman and Robin learn that it was Carter's twin brother who was killed by Hammil who wanted to make everyone believe the Wizard was dead. As Batman and Robin were about to Hammil into custody, they jumped Carter, who had been holding Hammil at gunpoint to make him confess everything by threatening his life, and Carter is the Wizard. After handling Carter, Batman and Robin drag him down to police headquarters.

Behind the scenes[]

  • It is unknown what became of Hammil and who will look after him after Carter's arrest.
  • When Batman, Robin, and Commissioner Gordon found Carter dead, Hammil walks into the room, and yet, none of them asked or questioned Hammil about his ability to walk again.