Professor Radium AKA Prof. Henry Ross is a golden-age enemy of Batman and Robin.


Golden Age (Earth-Two)

Prof. Henry Ross was a scientist who created a serum from the radioactive substance known as Radium (which at the time was commonly used for glowing effects and was incorrectly considered to be harmless by the populace). Using the corpses of dogs, Henry used the serum to resurrect the carcasses and intent on proving himself to his peers, commit suicide but left his assistant instructions to use the serum to resurrect him.

Upon his resurrection, Ross found that his touch killed others instantaneously and that he had green skin. After inadvertently murdering his assistant, Ross accidentally killed his beloved fiancee as-well. Desperate for a cure, Ross used his powers to try and rob hospitals of a drug known as Volitell.

The radiation sickness began tainting the professor's mind though, so even after creating a protective lead-suit to contain his radiation, Henry began finding pleasure in murder. Batman and Robin intervened with them using rubber suits to avoid his radiation and with Batman knocking him off the side of a boat to his presumed demise.

Prof. Radium's original appearance

Modern Age (New Earth)

The Prof. Radium of New Earth would become a member of the Secret Society of Supervillains within a faction known as the Nuclear Legion. This faction was dedicated entirely to super-criminals with radiation-based super-powers and would find themselves fighting the Atomic Knight (a member of the Outsiders) and Major Victory in Bludhaven.

Powers and Abilities


  • Radioactive Physiology
    • Radiation
    • Energy Projection


  • Scientific Prowess
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