Training with Oracle

At age sixteen, Wendy and her brother, Marvin, graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. During the missing year, chronicled in 52, Wendy and her brother managed to attain jobs as caretakers of Titans Tower. For the last six months of that year, they re-built Cyborg.

Oracle: The Cure

After the death of her brother Marvin, an incident that left Wendy paralyzed, she took up residence at the clinic of Dr. Leslie Thompkins. Noticing the similarities between Wendy and Barbara Gordon, introduced the two. Barbara took Wendy under her wing to help her out of her funk, and she became Barbara's apprentice after Barbara saved her from her father Noah Kuttler, the Calculator, who was also Barbara's "arch nemesis" from her days with the Birds of Prey.


Proxy 001

PROXY is born

She was later seen during a night where forty percent of Gotham were turned into techno-zombies controlled in part by the Calculator. Batgirl was pitted against the Batman Family and in the thick of the battle Wendy (who had discovered the Firewall started to communicate to Stephanie through the Oracle com-interface to help her get out of the fight. Eventually, Wendy came to the rescue in the Batgirl-pod and the two of them fly a plane towards the Suicide Swamp. Through the events of which Oracle was trapped in the Calculator's mind, Batgirl eventually made it inside to find Kid Eternity and Oracle kidnapped and strapped down. Wendy then crashed the plane she was flying into the maze of a house that belonged to Calculator. She was uninjured and later decided to join Oracle and be her replacement should Oracle be unavailable as Proxy. She remained an ally to "Team Batgirl" and served as Stephanie's handler whenever Barbara was unavailable to due Birds of Prey business. When Barbara determined Stephanie had come into her own and no longer required a watchful eye, Wendy decided to go to Nanda Parbat on a journey of self-discovery, to finally make peace with herself.

Powers and Abilites


  • Genius Level Intellect
  • Skilled Mechanic
  • Skilled Computer Technician


  • Restricted Mobility: Wendy is paralyzed from the waist down, and stricken to a wheelchair, after being attacked by Wonder Dog.


  • Marvin and his twin sister Wendy are based on the characters of Wendy and Marvin who first appeared on the Super Friends animated TV show. The Wendy and Marvin of the TV Superfriends were not related and that Marvin incarnation possessed low level superhuman abilities such as the ability to leap into open air and hover as well as above average speed. The new characters were only recently integrated in to the DC Universe, despite the original characters being several decades old. She also recently appeared on the TV Show Young Justice as a classmate of Superboy and Miss Martian.
  • Wendy feels a kinship to Stephanie Brown due to the fact both have fathers who are supervillains.
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