Punch and Judy are the hired henchmen of the Joker, Punch and Judy aren't above going out where there's work for hire if The Joker is either in jail or not in need of their services. While they aren't particularly bright, they do provide needed muscle to the weaker of Gotham's underworld. Often hired to thwart The Batman, Punch and Judy are oversized versions of their nursery rhyme (see below) counterparts. Though tough, the two were no match for The Batman, who quickly outsmarted them both into hitting each other with pieces of wood. Batman outsmarted them again on many more occasions and they were always helping the Joker. They were captured by Rumor.

Very much like the Kabuki Twins the duo is silent and doesn't talk, however they have shown a handful of personality traits, in particular they seem to have a loyalty towards Joker, no matter how ridiculous the scheme or the fact that he even left them on their own purely to watch a TV program. The two expressed visible sadness when the Joker didn't consider any of them as a viable option to have an "apprentice" of his own saying they didn't count since they were "goons". The duo also preferred to stick with the original Joker when the conflict arose between him and his digital counterpart.

Punch and Judy

Fought for a pie,

Punch gave Judy

A blow in the eye.

Says Punch to Judy,

Will you have more?

Says Judy to Punch,

My eye is sore.


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