Punch and Judy are the hired henchmen of the Joker. They aren't above going out where there's work for hire if The Joker is either in jail or not in need of their services. While they aren't particularly bright, they do provide needed muscle to the weaker of Gotham's underworld. Often hired to thwart Batman, they are named after puppets of the same name. Though tough, the two were no match for The Batman, who quickly outsmarted them both into hitting each other with pieces of wood.


Punch and Judy first appeared when they helped Joker in his crimes with his Joker Putty. They first robbed a Bank and then changed the face of the new landmark into Jokers face. Joker then managed to capture Detective Ethan Bennett to turn him insane, however, both Punch and Judy were handcuffed outside, defeated already.

Punch and Judy then helped Joker in his scheme to broadcast his crimes on television as entertainment to the audience and they served as the cameramen. Punch and Judy tried to take out Batman when he attempted to stop the Joker Gas from spreading around the city but Batman tied up their feet and left them hanging, thus defeating them.

They later tried to Attack Penguin when he messed up Joker's scheme but were stopped by the Kabuki Twins. Later both duos get left behind while Joker and Penguin confront Riddler.

The two thugs later helped him in his deal with Killgore Steed. They took out Killgore's bodyguards but were later defeated by the heroes and Catwoman.

They were captured by Rumor and planned to be killed, but Batman and Robin saved them alongside Joker and Harley, but were taken down by the two heroes.

They later helped Joker hypnotize people with train lights but were stopped by the Bat-family.

Very much like the Kabuki Twins the duo is silent and doesn't talk, however, they have shown a handful of personality traits. In particular, they seem to be staunchly loyal towards Joker, no matter how ridiculous his schemes may be, and despite the fact that he left them on their own purely to watch a TV program where Harley Quinn worked as a hostess. The two expressed visible sadness when the Joker didn't consider any of them as a viable option to have an "apprentice" of his own, saying they didn't count since they were "goons". This meant that they wanted to be similar to Batgirl and Robin. The duo also preferred to stick with the original Joker when the conflict arose between him and his digital counterpart. Joker 2.0 however tried to kill the original Jokers gang but Batman stopped him.


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The Batman Strikes!

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  • They seem to be inspired by similar characters from Daniel Waters's Batman Returns script, referred to as "Punch and Juliet" as members of the Red Triangle gang. These characters were eliminated when Wesley Strick rewrote the shooting script, but elements of them were used with the Josh and Jen characters.
  • Punch and Judy are named after the title characters of the comedic puppet show of the same name.
  • When Clayface impersonated them in "Clayfaces", he used British voices. This may imply they are originally from the United Kingdom, but it's more likely conjecture from the villain.
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