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Queenie is one of Joker's molls.


It is not shown how and when she and Joker met, but it can be assumed that it happened just after he escaped from prison.

Having had enough of Batman foiling his plans with his utility belt, Joker decides to make his own. Queenie is amazed by it and wants to wear it herself, but Joker says it is for him only. Queenie then decides to make a wish on it for an ocean cruise which gives Joker an idea for his next caper: steal the steamship S.S Gotham.

She is next seen knocking out one of the people with gas at the TV studio and joining the Joker and his gang on a broadcast called "What's my Crime?" to give Batman and Robin a baffling message before escaping.

Joker's utility belt proves to be a challenge for the caped crusaders, but Joker's men know that they will never give up. Joker assures his gang that he now has the ultimate stopper to stop Batman from interfering in his scheme.

Queenie watches Joker reveal a bottle cork that is filled with paralysing gas. He removes the seal from a bottle of champagne, removes the cork and replaces it with his and a new seal. He then hands it to Queenie as he plans to use this particular bottle of Champagne to disrupt the christening of the ship that he intends to steal, knowing that the Dynamic Duo will be there.

That very day Queenie arrives at the christening and hands the champagne to Commissioner Gordon who gives it to Batman. Batman strikes the ship with the bottle and the gas takes effect, knocking everyone close to it, out cold.

Joker's men then take Batman and Robin back to his hideout. Queenie then puts him on air to broadcast his demands: the S.S Gotham in exchange for the Dynamic Duo's lives. If Joker didn't get the ship, Batman and Robin would be beheaded. However to their horror, the heroes awake and fight them. Batman had suspected foul play after examining the champagne bottle and seeing that the seal had been tampered with, so he and Robin had taken a Universal Drug Antidote pill to counteract the effects of the gas.

Queenie arrested by Batman

Afterwards, Joker and his men are tied up for the authorities. Queenie tries to escape, but is caught by Batman who places her under arrest. Queenie places one arm around Batman and tries to seduce him out of arresting her. But to her dismay, Batman firmly takes her hands and puts on the Batcuffs, calling her a "poor deluded child" for thinking that he could easily be manipulated out of doing his duty. She is then assumed to be imprisoned with the others.


Season 1


  • Queenie shows many similarities to the character of Harley Quinn who would be introduced decades later. It is likely incidental but both have similar accents, very similar relationships with Joker, similar ditzy but twisted personalities, and the sequence of Batman's pity mirrors the relationships held by Harley.