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Query was an assistant to the Riddler. The costumes she wears are leotard-like clothings with black net stockings and a big question mark logo over the chest. Her suits are either green, like that of the Riddler, or purple to contrast with it.


For a time before joining Riddler as Query, Diedre Vance worked at Pandora's Box, an underground fetish club. Soon, she met female biker Nina Damfino. The duo started working together, robbing convenience stores. One night, they stumbled upon The Riddler, who was also at a low point in his criminal career. He immediately hired them on the spot and named them Query and Echo.

Their first major robbery was at the Reservoir Street Cash Depository of Gotham City. It was a warehouse for money, built with a supposedly impregnable vault. The locks acted on timing devices and pressure gauges. Inside the vault was an airless vacuum and the other side of the vault was filled with water. It could not be opened until both sides of the door had equal pressure. After equalling the air pressure on one side with water pressure on the other, the gang escaped through the sewers with a "river of cash." Working together with Echo, Query managed to hold off Batman long enough for The Riddler to escape.

The Riddler's next crime was to "kidnap" valuable violins from a mogul who collected them. Query and Echo were to collect the money from the mogul, but it turned out to be a trap. It was Batman, disguised as the mogul, who swiftly defeated both girls. Batman tracked the Riddler to an opera house and arrested him as well.

Both Query and Echo later assisted the Riddler's plan of releasing the Cluemaster from his prison cell and coerced him into following The Riddler's ingenious plans.

Powers and Abilities

Query is well-trained with firearms and boasts impressive combat skills. Her skills in combat, weapons and crimes makes Query a very dangerous opponent.

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