"If you become more than just a man, you become...a "super-man"! No, that's not it... A legend! Yes, a legend!"
―Ra's al Ghul[src]

Ra's al Ghul is a villain that appeared in LEGO Batman: The Videogame. Ra's al Ghul has control over the Lazarus Pits, which are magical entities that can perform miracles and deathly fates such as making an elderly person appear to be young, or turning people into monsters. Ra's al Ghul has used the Lazarus pit to his liking and has even tried to cure a sick Arabic Prince. His name in Arabic means "the demon's head".


LEGO Batman: The VideogameEdit

Due to being a bonus character, Ra's al Ghul does not have any part in the main storyline. He is unlocked when the player gains 100%, and can then be bought for 500,000 studs.

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super HeroesEdit

Once again, Ra's al Ghul doesn't feature in the game's storyline but he can be found in the Open-World Gotham. Here he can be fought and unlocked as a playable character. This time, he uses his trademark sword.


  • Ra's al Ghul is the only villain not to have a special ability or trait. His only characteristics are his staffs, and being able to backflip.


  • Ra's al Ghul's weapons and move sets are identical to those of Nightwing.
  • His speech about being a 'legend' is a reference to Batman Begins.
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