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Rafael "Rafe" Santini was a mobster and one of the Penguin's greatest criminal rivals. At one point he was allegedly the head of Gotham's crime families.


Rafael Santini was the Penguin's alleged top rival in the Gotham City mob. For a while, he was also reported as the head of the city's most notorious crime families. When Penguin seemingly died from a heart attack in Blackgate Penitentiary, a jubilant Santini attended his funeral, unaware that Cobblepot had hired Mortimer Kadaver to help him fake his death and escape incarceration. Santini was also present at Penguin's wake at the Gotham Ritz Hotel, donating five thousand dollars to a trust fund for the preservation of penguins while laughing that it was worth it to know that his old enemy wouldn't be bothering him any more.

Santini was later shown to have cut a five million dollar deal with the Ventriloquist for a shipment of cocaine, which was to be smuggled into Gotham in chili packets. However, the Penguin sabotaged the deal by flying a remote-controlled plane loaded with explosives directly into the meeting site, causing Santini and the Ventriloquist's gang to accuse each other of a double-cross. The suspicious mobsters opened fire on the aircraft, only to have it explode in their faces. Santini was blown off the loading dock and into a wall.

Batman later happened upon the carnage and, recognizing Santini and noting the spilled cocaine near his outstretched hand, contemplated what might have sabotaged the apparent transaction. A physician who examined the bodies strewn along the loading dock informed him that two were dead, and two were "critically injured".

It is unknown if Santini was among these or if he survived.

Powers and Abilities[]

Santini has no special powers or abilities and although relatively clumsy, also possessed considerable strength for his build. He was always armed with a large semi-automatic pistol.

In other media[]

  • The Santini crime family is briefly mentioned in an episode of The Flash 2000s television series, Rogue Time.