The Rainbow Creature is a powerful inhuman behemoth found in South America.  Each of its colours represents a different power which it holds and when that power is used, it's colour turns white until it drains the same colour from something else.  It is an enemy of Batman and Robin.


The Rainbow Creature was a being which emerged from a volcano in South American Republic nation. It did this during a time of political discourse in-which an aspiring dictator named Diaz was attempting to conquer the nation through rebellions.  When Batman and Robin (who were in South America dealing with the rebellions) attempted to battle the creature, it turned them into 2 dimensional flattened versions of themselves before escaping.

Diaz attempted to convince the government that he controlled the Creature in-order to black-mail the nation's leaders into making him dictator, but Batman exposed this as a lie.  Using a prism, Batman proceeded to shine a rainbow light Diaz's way and chased him out of the town.  Following this, Batman teamed up with the town's folk to trick the Rainbow Creature into using up all of it's powers and disappearing in the wind; presumably deceased.

Powers and Abilities

Each of the Creature's four colours represents a different power it possesses.  Whenever it uses a power, the colour turns white and it must replenish it's abilities by draining the colour out of an object nearby.  It's powers are:

  • Fire Generation:  Represented by the colour red.  The creature can project fire.
  • Freezing:  Represented by the colour blue.  The creature can freeze objects nearby, even while ballistic.
  • Vaporization/Sublimation:  Represented by the colour green.  The creature can vaporize nearby objects, even when ballistic.
  • Projected anatomical compression:  Represented by the colour yellow.  The creature can temporarilly turn nearby organisms into flat, nearly two-dimensional forms.  While in this form, victims have the mass of paper and are incredibly weak with little volume or mass.

Appearances in Other Media

  • In Batman: The Brave and the Bold, the monster is created by the colour-obsessed Firefly through the use of his belt.  Following this it becomes Firefly's pet until Firefly was stopped and the Creature was given a new home on an alien planet.
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