Raya is an old friend of Dick Grayson from his childhood at Haly's Circus. The two seemed to share a mutual crush, but parted ways after the murder of Dick's parents and adoption by Bruce Wayne. After the circus returns to Gotham City, Raya is reunited with her childhood friend.

Not long after, Raya informs Dick the two of them must head to Atlantic City immediately upon request from Mr. Haly himself. After Dick is entrusted with the deed to the circus, the two sleep together, though Raya later tells Dick that a real relationship would not work out and breaks off any further romantic advances. This is later revealed to be due to her alliance with the killer Saiko who is trying to kill Dick. She is currently a part of a plot to get revenge on Dick and destroy the circus along with Saiko and Bryan Haly.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Acrobatics