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"Don't let anyone out of there. Even Razor. He's failed me, and I don't like failures!"
the Joker[src]

Razor was one of the Joker's henchmen in Batman: Arkham Asylum.


Batman: Arkham Asylum

He was an inmate of Blackgate Prison, and was shipped to Arkham after a mysterious fire at Blackgate. Razor is first seen when the prisoners lock Aaron Cash and a doctor in a Joker-gas infected room. One of them mentions that Razor is still in there. Joker remarks, "He was too slow." When Batman goes up through the ventilation system and enters the room flooded with gas, he sees an inmate, presumably Razor, struggling on a line. Batman is forced to cut Razor down to get to the control panel. Razor somehow survives, as when Batman re-enters Intensive Treatment, Razor and a group of other henchmen are finishing up wiring the gargoyles with bombs. As Razor is finishing up his assigned gargoyle, Joker "tests" the bombs, knocking Razor off of the gargoyle.

Batman: Arkham City

Razor is mentioned by some thugs to have been killed by Penguin after attempting to join his gang. When Penguin found out that Razor used to work for the Joker, Penguin dropped Razor into a pool of boiling water and razor blades.


  • "Ain't you supposed to be dead?"
  • "C'mon, you know you're gonna save me. Hurry up and do it!"
  • "Joker told me I'd have time to get out before he gassed this place!"
  • "Hurry up, will ya? You've seen what this stuff does."
  • "Please! I don't want to fall in the gas!"
  • "I'm too far up. If I fall, I'll get hurt real bad!"
  • "Joker said you'd be dead by now!"
  • "Joker never said anything about this part of the plan."
  • "No I'm still up here!"


  • It is arguable, and in fact likely, that the Razor that Penguin killed is different than the one in the asylum, due to the fact that when you use Detective Mode on Razor when he is knocked off the gargoyle, it says he is deceased. Due to this, it is possible that "Razor" is a common street name, and thus not a very unique nickname. However, it is mentioned that the Razor in Arkham City worked for the Joker at some point.