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"You've finally met your match, Batman! Not surprising it's a woman!"
―Red Claw[src]

Red Claw is the leader of an international terrorist organization of the same name. She is a stout, opposing figure and master of martial arts, able to match Batman in hand-to-hand combat.


Red Claw's true identity and past were unknown. Apparently hailing from Eastern Europe, Red Claw was the founder of an international terrorist organization. Both she and her operatives bore a red claw tattoo on their bodies that was usually on their shoulder. Other than issuing threats and ransom demands against powerful countries, Red Claw organization's agenda was unknown.

Red Claw first came to Gotham City shortly after Batman's first encounter with Catwoman. She and her agents stole a deadly plague virus that was transported via train. Prior to that encounter, Red Claw's gender was unknown to global law enforcement. When a wealthy businessman stole land from local wildlife and proved to be one of Red Claw's agents, Catwoman became involved in the conflict. Batman and Catwoman were forced to put aside their differences to stop Red Claw from releasing the plague and killing millions. Though they succeeded, Red Claw escaped.

Red Claw later resurfaced and kidnapped Frederick, a former agent of the British government. Seeking the activation codes for a dormant missile system, Red Claw discovered that she would need Frederick's former partner as well -- Alfred Pennyworth. That led to Alfred's employer, Batman, to England and into another conflict Red Claw. Batman and Robin battled Red Claw and her henchmen at their castle headquarters, but were unable to prevent the missiles from being launched towards London.

After he pursued and destroyed the missiles with the Batwing, Batman was taken by surprise by Red Claw, who was a stowaway. Red Claw managed to pull Batman's Cowl from his face, but was ejected from the Batwing before she got a glimpse. After she parachuted into the ocean, Red Claw escaped capture once again or she drowns. Her subsequent activities or final fate were unknown.

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