Red Robin follows Tim Drake's journey to prove that Batman, Bruce Wayne, is alive. Tim dons the mantle of Red Robin after Dick becomes Batman and chooses Damian Wayne as his Robin. So Tim travels around the world to find clues and relics from long ago. Tim ends up fighting and later teaming up with the League of Assassins. He begins to work with Ra's al Ghul and follow leads that he gives him. The first twelve issues focus on that and then begin to show Tim working in Gotham. Tim arrives back in Gotham and reunites with Superboy, Batgirl and then later the new Dynamic Duo. Tim has more trouble on his hands when Tommy Elliot, who still looks like Bruce Wayne after the events of Heart of Hush, tries to take over Wayne Enterprises. Tim finds out that Ra's put him up to this and they have a climatic fight. Next, the series has Tim trying to figure out what he is going to do, where he is going to operate out of, and who to work with. Tim makes his own hit list and begins hunting down villains. Damian finds a screen of heroes to watch underneath the villain screen and he's on it. They have a fight while Dick is on a mission with the Justice League whom comes back during the fight and puts a stop to it. Currently, Tim has been following leads on the Unternet and reconnecting with the Teen Titans. 7 Days of Death has Tim across the world learning of a secret tournament filled of assassination attempts.

Story Arcs

  • Judgment on Gotham
  • Batman: Reborn


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