"The Grail, Part 1"Edit

Having adopted the guise of Red Robin, Tim Drake travels the globe performing random acts of heroism. He tries to maintain his focus, refusing to accept the fact that the Batman is dead. His first stop is in Madrid, Spain where he rescues a hostage named Yessenia Peñalba and encounters a metahuman with pyrokinetic abilities. He reflects upon his last visit to Gotham City where he had a dramatic confrontation with Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne; a confrontation that resulted in Tim knocking Damian to the floor. Red Robin then goes to the city of Toledo where he prevents a high-profile businessman from being assassinated. Leaving Spain, Red Robin then journeys to Paris, France. He doesn't realize that his actions are being secretly monitored by Ra's al Ghul.


"The Grail, Part 1"Edit



  • Czech Republic
    • Prague
  • France
    • Paris
  • Spain
    • Madrid
    • Toledo



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