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Red Tornado was an ally of Batman. He is an android who can create tornados at will, fly (by encasing his lower half within a red tornado), etc. He tried to deny that he had any kind of human factors in him (emotion, creativity, etc.). During the invasion of Starro he was destroyed by the Faceless Hunter and has yet to be seen again.

A partner of Batman

Red Tornado was developed by Star Labs and went disguised as Professor Ulthoom by day. After saving two children Red Tornado went on a search to discover it. He was considering the missing variable when reports came that flying saucers were attacking the city. He teamed up with Batman to take them down then tracked the creator of the saucers, a criminal named Fun Huas, and battled him. Red Tornado was blown apart in the battle but was eventually repaired by Star Labs.

He eventually built himself a son, but tried to shut him down after his son tried to kill a human prisoner. After this, Red Tornado's son upgraded himself to become strong enough to defeat his father and Batman, calling himself the Tornado Tyrant. The TT nearly succeeding in doing so; luckily, Red Tornado talked him down long enough to knock him out again, whereas this time Batman melted the TT with a laser in the Batcave. Despite Red Tornado's claims of having no emotional sadness over his son's loss, this event did indeed leave him saddened and even managed to somehow shed a "tear" for his lost son.

Sometime later during the beginning stages of Starro's invasion, it was shown that Red Tornado was immune to Starro's control and because of this he was destroyed by Starro's minion the Faceless Hunter. He was never seen again, leaving many to consider him dead. It is unknown what become of his remains.

Powers and abilities

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The Red tornado possesses great superhuman strength. Strong enough to take on a missile straight on and come out unharmed. A few times, Red Tornado actually managed to become invisible to the human eye due to his high velocity movement. He also has the ability to create tornado-force winds.