The Red Triangle Circus Gang (also called the Red Triangle Gang or the Circus Gang) was a gang of barbaric circus performers who plagued Gotham City. During the Penguin's reign of terror, they waged war against Batman.

A vast majority of their thugs dress as clowns, with red triangles over their eye.



Little was known of their past besides what Batman deciphered from newspaper clippings. They came from the Red Triangle Circus, a once-celebrated circus that visited Gotham. After the Red Triangle Circus returned after a brief hiatus, it sported a new addition: a freak-show featuring a Poodle Lady, the World's Fattest Man and an Aquatic Bird Boy. After numerous reports of missing children, the GPCD closed down the circus fairgrounds, but at least one freak-show performer vanished before he could be questioned.

Reemergence in GothamEdit

The group began to operate as a criminal origination using Gotham's sewer tunnels. They started to appear after Joker's defeat, perhaps taking some inspiration. Commissioner Gordon and Batman began to gradually take note of their increasing activity before the Relighting of the Tree Ceremony, at which they launched a theatrical attack on the crowd.

Riot in the streetsEdit

The gang was ordered to loot a storefront area to defame to the current Mayor, but Batman appeared and defeated them once again. He a used a Super-Batarang to take out several clowns surrounding him, but it was snatched by the Ratty Poodle before it could return to his hand.

Cobblepot Office BuildingEdit

The gang leaders moved into Oswald's office building, where Organ Grinder created Batmobile blueprints based on conjecture after studying the vehicle, as Penguin was keen to turn it into a bomb and kill Batman. Snake Woman, Poodle Lady and the Thin Clown began constructing missile launchers. One day during this, Catwoman infiltrated the top of the building and asked to have a meeting with Penguin.

Tampering with the BatmobileEdit

After Catwoman convinced Penguin to frame batman first, the gang hot-wired the Batmobile to be operated remotely using a kiddie ride in Cobblepot's campaign trailer.

Current statusEdit

Notable members like the Poodle Lady and the Thin Clown (The Acrobatic Thug too) are still at large. They carried on after Oswald's death, albeit to a lesser extent. The Neon Gang seemed to outman them in the later years and muscled their way to Gotham's top street gang.

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Other notable membersEdit

Minor clown thugsEdit


Video gamesEdit

Behind the Scenes Edit

The Red Triangle gang were created by Tim Burton and Daniel Waters for the movie.


  • When Batman read newspaper articles on the Red Triangle Circus, it's interesting to note that there seemed to be a picture of Minnie Woolsley (Koo-Koo the Bird Girl) and two unidentified people with microcephaly, although they were never mentioned performing in the circus' freak-show.




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